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Accredited Classes
Full-time Teacher Mentors teach accredited elective classes in Westside Middle, Westside High, Jean Ribault Middle and Jean Ribault High schools. These classes incorporate 13 vital character qualities and life skills into our daily classroom curriculum through experiential learning, group activities, and discussions. These qualities and skills are designed to develop the personal character, leadership abilities, and capabilities needed for success.
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Perhaps the greatest impact for our students is through 24/7 mentoring. Recognizing the great need for additional adult support and guidance, the Elevate program focuses on the needs of the whole child. Be it a listening ear, guidance for decision-making making, or pooling additional resources for students and their families, Elevate Jacksonville Teacher Mentors show up in ways that last a lifetime. Additional after-school partners offer extended mentoring, enabling us to reach deeper into the lives of our students.
Elevate Jacksonville Adventure

Elevate students develop teamwork and leadership skills year-round by participating in activities after-school, on weekends, and during the summer. These programs allow students to build confidence in their own abilities by exploring experiences outside their comfort zone. This adventure component also challenges students to utilize their in-classroom training in practical ways.

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College & Career
Supporting students to high school graduation is just the beginning. We start future planning early! The elevate college path requires career planning, scholarships, applications, interview practice sessions and exam preparation. Recognizing that college is not the only path of success, Elevate also exposes students to a variety of trade occupations and military options.

Building Quality Character


The Elevate Curriculum focuses on key character qualities and life skills which are fully aligned with Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) Competencies. Students collaborate through experiential learning, group activities, and discussions. Cross-age mentoring occurs when high school students teach similar lessons to elementary school students weekly.

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Career Minded


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Problem Solving

Day In The Life

What Makes Elevate Jacksonville Unique

Teacher-Mentors Representative of Students
Teacher-mentors are hired from the community or similar backgrounds, so they can relate to the students and serve as role models.
Cross Age Mentoring
High school students visit a local elementary school each week to teach the same character qualities and life skills they are learning in class; becoming leaders and role models.
Year-round Programming
Programs are not limited to the school year, but offered year around.
Long Term Relationship Approach
Teacher-mentors work with students from year to year, allowing for a "pipeline" of influence from 2nd through 12th grade.
Elevate Jacksonville Believes

No One Gets There Alone

Elevate Jacksonville is there for kids when they need us the most. We believe that no one deserves to be alone in the journey towards success. 

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