The Impact

Whether you measure it in academic outcomes, lives changed, or the cost savings to society, one thing proves true: the Elevate model is effective. Outcomes from Elevate affiliates across the U.S. show the following results.

Annual Reports

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The average graduation rate in urban schools across the United States hovers around 60% for students who participate in Elevate programs for three years or more, the graduation rate can be improved to 90%.

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Post Secondary

Character Growth

Along with improved school success, a six year longitudinal study conducted by a third party evaluator shows after two semesters significant growth in all 13 character and life skill areas. This is the basis for CHANGED LIVES.

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Shows Up

Students want to succeed, but they need help navigating life’s toughest challenges. Through accredited classes, our mentoring program, adventure opportunities, and college/career assistance, we are showing up for kids each and every day.

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